A Nobody Family from Nowhere Town

(Spoiler Free) Just over a week ago the newest episode of the space opera Star Wars released. The critics loved it for its brave new take on a tired Star Wars formula. Before release Rotten Tomatoes pegged The Last Jedi at 94%, "Certified fresh." It looked like this flick might be an Oscar contender! But then the user reviews started rolling in... and they were not good. Almost 50% of the people who watched the movie hated it. It currently sits at 53%. That is lower than Daddy's Home 2, which by all accounts is a horrid viewing experience.

I saw the movie and it's definitely not Daddy's Home 2 bad. It's not even nearly the worst Star Wars movie (I'm looking at you Episode One!). It's actually quite good. So what's going on here? I contend it's misaligned expectations. For years, while the individual details of each episode may have been fuzzy, people have known how the newest Star Wars would play out: Unlikely kid uses their laser sword to fight against an evil overlord who pilots a giant space planet. But this newest movie turned most of that on its head. It was nothing like adherents to the Star Wars religion were expecting, and they have rejected and revolted against this newest movie.

While I could wax eloquent for pages on Star Wars, I'll get to my point. In an infinitely more important and greater way, Jewish people for centuries thought they knew who and what the Messiah would be. Yet, throughout Jesus' life, he flipped those expectations upside down. Rather than being born in a royal palace, he was born in a barn and placed in a feeding trough. Rather than being coronated and exalted on a human throne, he was coronated with a crown of thorns and exalted on a brutal and offensive instrument of death known as the cross. As far as they knew, he was born into a no-body family and was from a nowhere town. Jesus defied expectations at every turn, and he was hated by many because of it.

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