The Incredible Way God Picks a King

I get asked all the time, "Why are you named Ivey?" Seriously, every day of my life. It's a curse really. So, I'm going to tell you where my name comes from (and somehow connect it to King David). My official name is George E. Rhodes IV. Mostly, that name is only invoked when the role is called on the first day of class (Except, there is that one friend who calls me Gawhge in a very Boston accent, and I love it). "Ivey" comes from the Roman numeral IV meaning four. Then I tell them that I named my son the fifth, we call him Quentin for quinque in Latin which is five, and hope he names his son the sixth (mainly because I think the Latin nickname would be pretty funny). The most common response is, "That is so cool, you sound like a king." We're not anywhere close to royalty in any earthly sense, we just really like the name George.

Most royal rulers throughout time have come through family succession where the new king or queen is a child of the king or queen before them. Yet, God picks a king in an incredible way. God has always been less concerned about genes and more concerned about heart. When he established a royal house for Jesus to be born into, he looked for a person that a good heart rather than good genes.

Tomorrow I'm really excited to look at the story of Israel's greatest human king. We'll see the important way it all connects to first-century Jesus and to Christmas in the twenty-first century.

A little prep for tomorrow's sermon: Check out this helpful video about the term "Heart" in the scriptures.

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