Killing it

Therefore, put to death what belongs to your earthly nature... Colossians 3:5

Have you ever heard the phrase, "killing it?" You might use it in situations where someone is doing really great, like, "Did you see my dance moves? I was killing it!" Or, "That dude's coffee game is killing it!"

A couple of days ago the kids were at the Lego Discovery Center in Somerville playing a light gun game. You're taken in a cart on a track around a course where skeleton faced lego mini-figures attack you. You're supposed to shoot arrows at them with your laser gun. It's an all-around blast. At some level, Quentin, my second born, finds his identity in how good he is at videos games. So upon finishing the course he was like, "I did awesome!!" While he may have thought he was killing it, the truth was his score was about 50,000 points lower than everyone else's. We didn't have the heart to tell him in that moment that he didn't do awesome. So we just smiled and nodded.

The truth is we've all done stuff like that before (And usually in things way more important than a video game high score). We've thought we were killing it only to be brought in for our quarterly review to find out we were not. It's at that point we have to realize we're not killing it, kill our pride, and start killing it.

Paul in Colossians 3 turns a corner and goes from theoretical theology to applied theology. He says we believe all these things, but they shouldn't just be theoretical. These beliefs about Jesus and his kingdom should change us, touch the ground, and when lived out by us, change the world around us. But this requires us to kill it if we're going to begin to kill it. Which is exactly what we're talking about tomorrow, killing the old, before Jesus, us.

We hope to see you at Curley tomorrow morning! Check out the announcements below and we'll see you at 10:30 AM.

In Christ,


November Potluck Tomorrow After Service!
Food is a good thing, and it's biblical! The first-century church often ate together as worship. We want to be biblical and we like good food. So, we're going to have our first church potluck lunch Sunday, November 5 after service. If you're new to potlucks, simply bring one of your favorite dishes to share with everyone. If everyone brings enough for themselves and their family, we'll have plenty of food. 

Set Your Clocks Back One Hour, Nov. 5
Every year we are given a gift: One extra hour of sleep in the fall. It's beautiful. That day is tomorrow. That's a perfect time to come to church because you get an extra hour! Plus we have coffee if that's still not quite enough.

Baptism Nov. 19
Have you recently become a Christian and want to be baptized? We're in the middle of planning our first baptism service, we'd love to talk to you more and hear your story. Email Ivey at or talk to him after church if you're interested.