Pardoned Birds and Pampered Turkeys

For those of you who replaced the turkey with tofurky on Thursday, you'll like this week's blog. After this, we may all be eating tofurkey next year.

We've all seen the movies where a prisoner is about to be executed and someone stands by the phone waiting for a just-in-time call of pardon from the president. I assume, in the turkey world, the presidential pardon is exactly the same. Just think about a season where 46 million of your own kind are slaughtered for food. Being the one turkey that is pardoned and given a life of luxury at Mount Vernon is like surviving The Hunger Games, winning the lottery, and making two $1.00 wheel spins on The Price is Right, on the same day.

I imagine a vast turkey farm slaughtering lines of turkeys. Drumstick the turkey is lined up preparing for his dinner table destiny. With every step, his fate becomes surer. But just before he is up for slaughter a call comes across the barn, "Hey Jimmy, hold on, Drumstick is gettin' the pardon!" Can you imagine the relief of getting a presidential pardon at just the right time? I would be an unbelievable feeling. I hope you enjoyed your Turkey Thursday because I'm pretty sure Drumstick is planning a turkey revolution from George Washington's estate.

All in all, the turkey pardon is a light-hearted moment in the midst of a crazy time. I encourage you to watch President Obama's turkey pardons. They'll put a smile on your face. Dad jokes on full display.

Tomorrow we start our new Christmas series, "In the Fullness of Time." It's a series exploring the impeccable timing of God when he sent Jesus to us. It was no mistake that Jesus was born a little over 2000 years ago. He came at the perfect time.

When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners. Romans 5:6

Christ has come at just the right time to offer us pardon. Join us Sunday at 10:30 AM for the first week of our Christmas series.

In Christ,
Pastor Ivey

10:30 AM
Curley K-8
493 Centre St.
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130


Potluck Lunch After Church December 3
Food is a good thing, and it's biblical! The first-century church often ate together as worship. We want to be biblical and we like good food. If you're new to potlucks, simply bring one of your favorite dishes to share with everyone. If everyone brings enough for themselves and their family, we'll have plenty of food. Sign-up this Sunday.

Grab a Rice Bowl and Feed a Child for a Month
We're supporting orphanages all over the world through Rice Bowls International. You can pick up your rice bowl at church this week. Get one, fill it up with change, and bring it back to church full on December 3. One full rice bowl feeds a child for a month!

Our New Giving System
As some of you know, Mosaic has recently switched over our online giving system. We are now using PushPay. PushPay is way easier than the old system. We will be shutting down the old online giving system in the near future. So, go ahead and switch over to PushPay. You can do everything in about 2 minutes right here. If you're giving to Mosaic Boston Jamaica Plain, make sure to give to the "JP Church Plant Fund."