World Class Pumpkin Stuff

That's a big pumpkin.

That's a big pumpkin.

It's fall. Which means two things: Pumpkin Spice Lattes and memes about pumpkin spice lattes. Maybe PSLs have been around a while, but it feels like they've only become a thing in the past few years. Anyway, if you like Pumpkin flavored coffee, hey, you do you. No judgment here, but I hate it. Now that we've established that, let's get on to the point of this post.

I don't know who has the best PSL in the world, but I know every coffee shop chain is advertising them. While you may love your PSLs, do you love them as much as Matt Stonie? Matt is known for his skills as a competitive eater. He won Nathan's hotdog eating contest in 2015 by eating 62 hotdogs. Last year, he decided to take on the largest Pumpkin Spice Latte. It was so large he couldn't use a mug... he had to use a flower pot. While competitive eating is a little gross, this guy is world-class.

This year Charleston Maine's Elroy Morgan destroyed the record for the largest pumpkin grown in Maine. His pumpkin topped the scales at 1,756 pounds. At its peak, Morgan's pumpkin was growing by 43 pounds a day! That is unbelievable. Morgan is a world-class pumpkin grower and he grew a world-class pumpkin. The real question is, how much PSL could be made with Morgan's pumpkin?

Tomorrow we start our new series at Mosaic JP called, "Strange Kingdom." The premise is that followers of Christ are a part of Jesus kingdom. This is the kingdom he established through his death and resurrection. His kingdom doesn't have physical walls but exists where God's people are. As citizens of his kingdom, we've been given orders. Many people have found and will find Jesus' kingdom strange. It's upsidedown from what they'd expect, but I suggest that it's when we embrace this strange and upside down kingdom that we find how life is really supposed to be.

We begin our series by looking at and learning from a world-class church in the community of Colossae. I'm super excited to worship with you tomorrow.

Lead Pastor Mosaic Boston Jamaica Plain